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1910 Baseball Season Cards and DIsk Now Available

APBA is pleased to announce that the 1910 Baseball season products are now available.  This is the first time APBA has offered the 1910 season.  With this set, APBA is introducing new features in its baseball card product.  The first change is the option to purchase either a Basic Game card set or a Master Game card set.  The basic game card set is the card set that APBA has been offering since 1951.  The master game card set has the master symbols printed on the cards.  No more spending hours writing the symbols on the cards. Each set has 25 players per team or 400 cards.  Both of these sets have an individual lineup card for each team.  The lineup card is the size of the APBA player card.  APBA will be make the lineup sheet available as a free download.

The basic game set is $33.  The master game set is $39.

In addition to the base set, a 107 card XC set is available for $10.  The XC cards have the master symbols printed on them.  With these two sets you will have every player that played in the 1910 season.

The 1910 season disk for BBW is now available for $20.

All prices do not include shipping and handling.