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1910 XC Set and 1933 Baseball Card Set

Good morning,

Two things have come to our attention. The first one is the 1910 XC set. I lost control of the print files which caused the result numbers being placed at the wrong dice roll number. We have corrected this file and sent it to the printer and will have correct cards next Friday, the 15th. APBA will ship replacement sets to you, and in the meantime, we will hold any unfilled orders for this set until the corrected sets are in stock.
The other issue is the 1933 baseball card set. In this case, the printer used the wrong file. There are two Bucky Walters cards and no Bill Werber card in the shrink wrapped set. Werber cards are being printed, and APBA will send you the Werber card directly. The correct Walters card is the card with a 0-1 at dice roll 11.
Regards, John