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2012 APBA Baseball disk install issue for Pacific Time users

PLEASE read the following message from an APBA client:

“I encountered an interesting problem while installing the 2012 disk.  It’s a Windows issue that will apparently only affect users in the Pacific Time zone (or farther west).
Windows 7 (probably other versions too) uses local time to display the time stamp for files.  If a file was created at 3 PM Eastern Time, it will display as 12 noon on a Pacific Time computer.

The data files on the 2012 disk appear to have been timestamped 2:00 AM Eastern Time on 12/6/2012.  The T12.ini file shows a matching date of 12/06/12 for the files on the disk.

As a Pacific Time user, the timestamp for the 2012 data files displays on my computer as 11:00 PM on 12/5/2012.  This creates a mismatch with the ini. The result is that the disk installer in 5.75 does not find a date match in the T12.ini and wants to call the disk U-2012, instead of the normal 2012.

One workaround for this is to copy the 2012 CD contents into a folder on your C: drive (which I always do anyway) and edit the dates in the T12.ini to 12/05/2012.  Make a backup copy of the original ini in case you need it in the future.

Use the C: drive version to install the disk.  With the corrected ini, the installer will default to 2012 as the disk name. Not a big deal, but this may be helpful to other West Coasters.”