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Available Now: 2014 Playoff pre-play for APBA Baseball 5.75. Be a playoff manager!! Can you manage your team to the World Championship? Now you can find out.

You will receive a download file for 5.75. This file only includes the ten playoff teams. The price is $7.50. Despite what the online store will say, you will not be charged shipping. It is highly recommended that you order online to make sure we have a correct e-mail address for you. You can find this product here. This is the only place to order this file.

Like the other pre-play products, this will be discontinued on the conclusion of the World Series.

Please note: The ratings for this pre-play may not necessarily be the final ratings for the 2014 baseball products. The purpose of this product is to enjoy the playoffs.

Speaking of 2014 baseball products…

We will start taking pre-orders for the 2014 season disk for APBA Baseball 5.75 the day after the World Series is done. The plan is to start shipping the disks around Thanksgiving. The price remains at $28 plus shipping and handling.

We will start taking preorders for 2014 APBA basic and master game card sets on the first Monday in December, (December 1st). The prices are the same as last year: $64 for the basic card set and $68 for the master card game. Either set has 900 cards, 30 cards per team. The XC set will be $33 and includes all the remaining players.

We will also offer park effects and schedules.

We will start shipping cards on Monday January 5, 2015.

We will place these items in the store when we begin taking pre-orders.