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Good afternoon,

A couple of things today.  The first one is the new item to the right  titled “New in Stock”.  Please check that for news of the latest product offerings as soon as they are available. 

Disk Replacement Program

APBA now offers a disk replacement program for your old floppy disks for APBA’s computer baseball games.  APBA will replace all season disks, schedules and stadiums disks purchased from APBA or Miller Associates.  Each disk  you want replaced must have either an APBA or Miller label on it.   The cost to replace your old disk with a CD version of the disk is $5 per disk.  In addition, there is a separate $5 charge for shipping and handling.   We will replace a the disk with a like CD.  For example, you send us a 1962 season disk, we will send you a 1962 CD.  If you send us four 1962 season disks, we are going to send you four 1962 CDs.

This program applies to both the really old large floppies and the old smaller floppy disks.  It’s simple to order, send your disks with a check or money order for the appropriate amount to APBA Games 816 Curie Drive Alpharetta GA 30005.