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APBA Fall Product News


Pre-orders for the 2013 Baseball Season Card set and Accessories will be taken starting December 1st. The basic game card set is $64 for 900 cards. The Master game card set of 900 cards is $68. The master game card set includes the master symbols printed on the cards. The XC set is $33. The 2013 schedule, transactions and park effects are now available electronically.

The 2013 baseball season disk is now available for pre-orders for $28. The revised APBA Pro Baseball Board Game is available for $27.

APBA now has every baseball season from 1901 forward in stock. Please go to for a free downloadable lineup sheets for these seasons.

APBA Pro Football Board Game is available for $27. APBA now offers both pro and college football sets. The 2012 pro football card set is $92 for 1,440 players. Visit our website for other sets including 2012 college football sets.

APBA Soccer continues to grow. League sets include major European seasons from 2009-10 to 2012-13 plus major tournament sets – 2010 Men’s World Cup and 2011 Women’s World Cup.

APBA Pro Hockey Board Game is available for $22. The game includes master options to give you more control of the hockey action. The 2012-13 season of 809 cards is $54. Check our website for other historical season available.

APBA Golf Board Game is $35. With new improved packaging, the game and the golf course are shipped in one game box. The golf game box is the same size and stock as the new baseball and football game boxes. Please visit the website for a list of historical golf sets and golf courses. APBA is introducing an amateur golf card set this fall. This set will have cards for a scratch golfer to the highest handicapped players. Now you can play these world famous golf courses with your buddies or play a round with your All-Time great favorite golfer.

These prices do not include S/H.

APBA has improved the quality and quantity of its card offerings. All sets except for certain older baseball XCs are now individual cards. No more sheets. Also all lineup and roster sheets for baseball, football, hockey and basketball are now available for free downloads at our website.

The 2014 Convention will be held in Alpharetta, GA on June 20th through June 22nd. The convention fee is $110. You can register now and book your hotel room now by visiting our website. Join your APBA friends in Georgia. See if anyone can stop two time defending champion Steve Skoff.