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APBA Update

April 27th,

I need five testers for a new golf game product.  Please send your info to Put golf game tester on the subject line.

Order update:

All orders received before noon on Thursday April 26th have been shipped as of Friday the 27th.  The only exception are orders for the 1972 baseball set.  We are waiting for these sets from the printer.

April 26th,


April 25th


We appreciate your patience as we struggle to update the website and the store.  Starting tomorrow, April 26th,  the store will begin undergoing a major redo.  There will be samples of products, links to lineup sheets and rosters and links to other websites that will offer more information about a specific season.

What is new? 
The master baseball game addition is back in stock.  The game is black print on white.  This will be the color combination for all the games going forward. The price is $25 plus shipping and handling.

Blank envelopes are back in stock.  The price is $10 plus shipping for 100 envelopes.

Baseball seasons 

There are three new baseball seasons available: 1932, 1972 and 1998.  These are all reprints.  

1932 Season
The New York Yankees swept the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Jimmy Foxx was the Major League offensive star leading in HRs, RBIs and OPS.  Foxx hit 58 home runs.  Still New York had Gehrig and Ruth.  1932 was the first complete season for a young pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals named Dizzy Dean.

The 1932 set is $33 plus shipping and handling.

1972 Season The first of three consecutive World Championships for the Oakland Athletics.  Oakland beat the heavily favored Reds in a World Series of contrasts.  The outcasts beat the establishment.  Oakland was led by Joe Rudi, Catfish Hunter, Sal Bando and Gene Tenace in the World Series.  The leading regular season performance was Steve Carlton winning 27 of Philadelphia’s 59 games. 

The 1972 set is $38 plus shipping and handling.

1998 Season
Every one has an opinion of this season. At the time, it was a feel good story. The season that helped baseball restore its place in America. Now it depends. The big story was McGwire and Sosa’s home run race. Both men breaking Roger Maris’ mark of 61. The Yankees won 114 regular season games while sweeping San Diego in the World Series. This set has a lot of power but a team whose leading home run hitter hit 28 home runs wins it all. The 1998 set is $44 plus shipping and handling.

The 1998 XB set is also available. This set is $20 plus shipping and handling.

BBW 5.75 update

Beta testing continues on APBA Computer Baseball ( BBW 5.75).  Right now the testing is focused on park effects.  Are they working?  Are they working correctly?  Once beta testing is complete, we will be able to announce some future dates.

1910 Baseball season – upcoming changes

The 1910 baseball season files are at the printers.  The is an original set for APBA.  With this set, APBA will now be offering your choice of card sets:  the basic set or the master game set.  The basic card set is the set you have bought for the past 61 years.  The master game set will have the master game symbols printed on the card.  You will have to chose the set you are ordering.  We will not be offering the 1910 season until the store is re-done.  The new version of the store will make it clear what product you are ordering.  With this change APBA will not offer a master symbol page for 1910.

The XC set will be cards with master game symbols.

The other change is that the basic and master game card sets will come with lineup cards for each team instead of a lineup sheet.  We will offer the traditional lineup sheet as a free download on the website at the appropriate time.

We are not taking pre-orders for this season until the new store is in place.

Envelope Changes

We have made minor changes to the team envelopes.  The envelopes are no longer league specific.  No more Chicago Senior Circuit and Chicago Junior Circuit.  It will just be Chicago with a revised APBA logo.  This will allow us to use these envelopes for other sport leagues in the future.

We will be phasing these new envelopes in over time as we run out of the old runs.  The first teams with the new envelopes will be Los Angeles Junior Circuit, Toronto and Washington, Junior Circuit.  For a while you will receive both types if envelopes in your sets until all of the old style envelopes are used.

Future of the Message Board

I’ve decided that APBA is no longer going to continue to support the message board.  If someone is interested in assuming the message board, please contact me at the office. I know that people have posted replays and other items on the board that are important to them.  Please take steps to make sure you have back ups of these items.


April 26, 2012