For 60 years APBA has been the unchallenged KING of quality sports entertainment products! Now with APBA Soccer you can get in on the excitement. Fun, quick and easy to play, APBA Soccer puts you right in the middle of the action.

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APBA Soccer comes with 4 classic European teams. Here is a link to download the roster. These legendary artists of the pitch will allow you to enjoy the thrill of Futbol the way it was meant to be. From the coaches perspective you manage your team and set the strategy to put them in position and lead them to victory!

APBA Soccer is a great game to enjoy a quick match or to learn the different facets and strategy of the worlds favorite pastime. Oh – did we mention that APBA Soccer is realistic and accurate as well? APBA Soccer is not a play-by-play simulation to allow for speed and enjoyable game play. We have included all the intricacies of soccer and still allow you to complete a full game in less than an hour!

APBA Soccer includes a number of optional rules which give you more involvement in the game. The more you choose to incorporate, the more control you have over the game! It’s your game, It’s your choice, play how you want to.

Enjoy International teams, European league teams, or American teams! Historical and current teams are available! Mix and match and pit your favorites against any foe you desire.

So get your kicks on our pitch, with APBA Soccer!

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