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Available Now: 2014 Playoff pre-play for APBA Baseball 5.75. Be a playoff manager!! Can you manage your team to the World Championship? Now you can find out. You will receive a download file for 5.75. This file only includes the ten playoff teams. The price is $7.50. Despite what the online store will say, you […]

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Baseball 2012 Cards Update

We have started shipping the 2012 basic game baseball cards. Unlike in the past when all orders were charged out on the first day the product was delivered to APBA, your card will not be charged until we package your order. We understand that everyone is excited about the cards, but please do not call […]

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1910 XC Set and 1933 Baseball Card Set

Good morning, Two things have come to our attention. The first one is the 1910 XC set. I lost control of the print files which caused the result numbers being placed at the wrong dice roll number. We have corrected this file and sent it to the printer and will have correct cards next Friday, […]

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1910 Baseball Season Cards and DIsk Now Available

APBA is pleased to announce that the 1910 Baseball season products are now available.  This is the first time APBA has offered the 1910 season.  With this set, APBA is introducing new features in its baseball card product.  The first change is the option to purchase either a Basic Game card set or a Master […]

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