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Football Cards

APBA is in the process of converting all of its football season products to individual cards.  At this time, we are only going to process orders for sets in card format.  We will update the store to include new seasons when available in card format.

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2011 Football Rosters

FREE Downloads: 2011 Football Roster, 2011 Football Roster & Ratings Sheet, 2011 XF Roster

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2011 Football Update

2011 Football Update (32 page PDF) This link takes you to  a revised 2011 Lineup sheet that includes the receiver ratings, sacks and interception ratings. The kickoff and punt returns designations have been corrected. Antoine Brown of Pittsburgh has been corrected to (EB-3) V:3/2. Update on card status. We are still waiting for the printer […]

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Football 2011

Yesterday afternoon the printer’s van arrived. We first unloaded the American Conference sets, then the National Conference, then the playoff team sets and lastly the XFs. As I was walking back into the office to charge out the pre-orders, one of the guys called me back to look at a set he had opened. Each […]

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Thoughts and Comments

This post discusses a variety of subjects — the first one being the recent SOM publicity. I believe all publicity is good for the sports simulation game industry. I saw where the SOM marathon got attention from USA Today, and I heard that CNN had something on it over the weekend. While I wish it was […]

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