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The 2014 season disk for APBA Baseball 5.75 is now available. The price remains at $28 plus shipping and handling.

We have begun shipping the 2014 baseball card sets. The prices for the card sets are the same as last year: $64 for the basic card set and $68 for the master card game. Either set has 900 cards, 30 cards per team. The XC set will be $33 and includes all the remaining players. We also offer park effects and schedules.

We are shipping orders in the order we received them, starting with December 1st orders. We will update our phone message at the close of business each day with an announcement on where we stand regarding processing and shipping. Thank you for your patience.

All items are still available for pre-order in the store.



The APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game is now available with cards from the following 2014 teams: San Francisco, Kansas City, St. Louis and Baltimore. Any game sets shipped January 5th or later will include the 2014 cards.



The APBA Pro Golf Game is now available as a pre-order from the online store. The game comes with the D.C. Metro golf course and the updated golf game manual. The player list includes the 24 players from the 2014 Ryder Cup set, 2 amateur golfer cards and 2 players from the 2009 Tournament set. The game costs $40.

The Golf Game Manual is also available separate from the game box, also as a pre-order in our online store. The manual costs $26.

Changes to the manual include increased print and page sizes; improved clarity; spelling, grammar and other minor corrections; and the addition of optional rules for Lady, Amateur and Tournament golfers.


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2014 APBA Convention News

1916 Brooklyn Dodgers win tournament. Cliff Van Beek inducted in the APBA Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to Paul Trinkle, manager of the 1916 Brooklyn Dodgers, winner of the 2014 APBA Baseball Convention Tournament. Trinkle, with assistance from emergency manager Brian Wells, defeated Skeet Carr’s 2011 Texas Rangers 3 games to 2. The Dodgers won the last two games in extra innings to clinch the championship.

There were six divisions of six teams each, and one eight-team division. The division winners and the best second place record advanced to the quarterfinals. Trinkle was the wild card with an 8-2 record.  Trinkle’s 8-2 would have won every division except the one he was in. Greg Wells’ 1920 Cleveland Indians went 10 and 0 to win the Levy division. Wells won 11 in a row before Carr’s Texas Rangers won the last two games of their quarterfinal matchup, including an 8-7 ten-inning finale. The Rangers tied the clincher in the 9th and scored 2 in the tenth to advance to the semi-finals.

Two time defending champion Steve Skoff, 1910 A’s, advanced to the semi-finals before losing to Trinkle’s Dodgers. Congratulations on a great three year run, Steve!

In other quarterfinals action, Skoff’s 1910 A’s defeated John Kalous, 1936 Yankees, 2 games to 1. Trinkle defeated Mitchell Briscoe’s 1937 New York Yankees in a two game sweep. The other semi-finalist Steve Ryan with the 1998 Braves defeated Joe Sweeney, 1930 Giants, in the other quarterfinals. Carr defeated Ryan in the other semi-finals.

Trinkle had to leave after the semi-finals to catch his flight. Substitute manager Brian Wells, followed Trinckle’s instructions in leading the Dodgers to their victory. Despite Wells’ pleas, this is not his third championship.

A Home Run derby was added to this year’s convention which was won by Steve Ryan’s 1953 Ted Williams. Williams beat 1937 Lou Gehrig 24-12 in the finals.

Clifford Van Beek was the sole inductee in the 2014 APBA Hall of Fame class. Van Beek was inducted for his role in developing National Pastime, the predecessor to APBA Baseball. Van Beek’s son Lawrence and his two daughters, Mary and Carol, were on hand to receive his Hall of Fame plaque. Special thanks to Pete Simonelli, whose tireless efforts were the catalyst for the Van Beeks attending this year’s convention.

A new Rookie of the Year award was announced at the convention. Rebecca Petersen is the 2013 convention ROY. The 2014 Rookie of the Year will be announced at the 2015 convention. There were seven rookie managers out of the 44 managers participating this year, six more than last year.

Roy Langhans and Eric Naftaly continued their perfect attendance at every convention.  Skeet Carr has attended every convention, but this was the first time that he participated in the tournament.

Special thanks to Ray Dunlap and Greg Barath for attending the convention and providing demonstrations and tips for football solitaire play. There will be an eight team, single elimination football tournament at the 2015 convention.

Thanks to Jim Watt, who attended the Friday night dinner and left many APBA baseball seasons for others to file in their collections. Thank you, Jim!

Next year’s convention is scheduled for June 26-28 in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Convention pictures are here.


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