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This is the product release schedule for the 2017 Baseball products. Please read the following carefully.

(I) APBA GO file will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017. This is ready sooner because the file does not need master game symbols. Check out APBA GO here.
(II) The 2017 baseball cards will be available January 15, 2018.
(III) The 2017 BBW file or CD will be available January 29, 2018.

We will NOT be taking pre-orders for baseball products.  9.3% of the 2016 baseball pre-orders had errors.  Wrong mailing address, expired credit card numbers, insufficient funds, multiple orders and multiple email address issues.  This new procedure should reduce these errors significantly.  This change will not effect when you receive your cards.  Because we have moved the cards ahead of BBW, you may receive your cards earlier than in the past.  Except for APBA GO, no other 2017 Baseball products will be available before Christmas.  Likewise, we will not switch over to 2017 baseball cards in the baseball game until January 2018.

Please take note of these dates when setting the date for your league draft.

Remember APBA is no longer designating XBs.



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