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APBA Online 1.0 – New Features for BBW 5.75

Commissioner tools, file management system, real-time draft, league limit alerts, trades, stats, standings, trade history, draft results, user rankings, community tools, and much, much more! See screenshots and learn more here.


2012 APBA BASEBALL disk install issue for Pacific Time Users: Read Post Here


Sept. 5, 2014

APBA Baseball 5.75 Upgrade 15 is now available for free download. This upgrade supersedes all previous updates.
Upgrade 15 is different from the version contained on the CD.

Upgrade 15    Upgrade 15 Info


New Version 5.75 User Guides – July 2013

The original Version 5.75 Installation and Upgrade Guide has been replaced by two new Guides:

The 5.75 Setup Guide now contains instructions for installing Data Disks, Managers, and Ballparks.

All information about LPFET has been moved to the LPFET User’s Guide.

Additionally, the Migration Tool Help has been upgraded to v2.0, with new screen illustrations from the Upgrade 10 version of the Tool.


Please send all tech support emails to

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League Play File Exchange tool (LPFET)

This tool allows the exchange of F-files and C-Files between managers who are using Versions 5.5 or 5.0. While LPFET may work with earlier versions of APBA Baseball, it is only supported for versions 5.5 and 5.0. We strongly recommend that all members of a league use 5.75.

LPFET Update 10 download     LPFET info (LPFET Guide v 2.0)