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February 12, 20202

APBA Baseball 5.75 Play-By-Play Update 7 is now available for free download. This Play-By-Play update includes all updates from previous Play-By-Play updates. This update is in addition to the general upgrades and does not supersede them.

Play-By-Play Update 7   Play-By-Play Update 7 Info

February 12, 2020

APBA Baseball 5.75 Upgrade 25 is now available for free download. This upgrade supersedes all previous upgrades.

Upgrade 25    Upgrade 25 Info




New Version 5.75 User’s Guide – June 2016

The Version 5.75 User’s Guide has been updated for Windows 10:



If you’ve had issues installing Ballpark or MicroManager disks on Windows 7/8.1/10, you can download the relevant installer:



Please send all tech support emails to

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